Riverbank Church

White River Junction | VT

The Northeastern area of the United States is one of the least reached areas of the country in regards to the Gospel. Riverbank Church is making huge strides in taking the Gospel to this area. Having only started in 2010, they had over 800 people attend Easter services in 2014. Their growth led them to engage Equip Studio to design their “Equipping & Sending Center” that will not only house their worship services on Sunday, but be used as an Outreach Center for the local community. As part of a phased master plan, the 12,000 square foot phase one facility will consist of a 300 seat venue, lobby and children’s classrooms, as well as a smaller meeting venue that will serve as offices during the week.



Square Footage:

10,958 SF

Image Credits:

Equip Studio, Riverbank Church