Oaks Church

Red Oak | TX

Oaks Church was in search of a diagnostic evaluation and potential design solution for a range of concerns they had about their existing facility. Equip Studio was able to come alongside the church, using the church’s DNA and vision, to define their facility’s weak points. After diagnosing the problems, we then offered several design solutions that would maximize their resources and prepare them for future growth, all along minimizing their cost. Since the campus consisted of three separate/disjointed buildings, wayfinding was a major issue for the church. By designing a central campus connection, we were able to solve these wayfinding issues using directional massing and leaving space for the all church’s needs. Additionally, we were charged with creating dedicated space for the other two tenants (school and care programs). By using our programming formulas and some creative spatial planning, we were able to map out facility usage in a way that allowed these tenants to use existing spaces/buildings for their needs.

In addition to the new 48,000 sf. added in the expansion, we renovated 12,000 sf. of existing facilities. The new building includes 8,000 sf. of addition to the existing lobby, new nursery space, and administrative space that fills the whole second level, as well as a student lobby and 500-seat auditorium. The renovation to existing space also adds three large group rooms for the Oaks Kids ministry in the existing student building, and several multipurpose rooms off the existing lobby.



Square Footage:

62,000 SF


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Equip Studio

Oaks Church - progress-step4